I am an Industrial Designer and have been in the electronics business for 25 years with a long history of importing electronics and Lithium Battery technology into Australia. Oz-Ebikes is a small and enjoyable part of my main electronics business. I have been cycling for many years and actually ride both a regular flat bar road bike, custom MTB and an Electric MTB!


I don’t just sell you a box of parts, each kit is checked and bench tested before being shipped out, all power leads are plugged up in house and we supply a parallel wiring harness for connecting two batteries if required. Our chargers are plugged up ready to program and use. All our chargers are c-tick compliant products and legal to use in Australia. Be careful of purchasing batteries with cheap plug pack chargers from Ebay or overseas as they are usually not c-ticked and are not legal to use, if a non c-tick charger was to fail or cause a fire you may not be covered by insurance!


Every part of the kit is chosen to work, gear ratios, brands of motor and freewheels, controllers, even the wiring I use when building bikes is high grade hi-temp silicon wire. I don’t throw a bunch of parts in a box and hand it over, I talk to you, research your bike, make sure the kit will fit and the mounting system will work with your frame, gear shifters will integrate with the throttle etc etc. Little things that make the difference between a bike with a motor slapped on it vs a purpose built electric bike where everything fits and works together perfectly.


I have plenty of photos to refer to, you are never left on your own when it comes to installation, I pre-assemble the motor mounts based on your frame measurements, and make sure there is minimal DIY work left for you as the customer.


I have written instructions on the installation of the kits and supply them with each kit, and have many photos and tips on installing, how to run your wiring, where to fit things etc. If you need any help or advice I am only an email or phone call away, email is the better medium for technical questions as you can then go back over the information at your leisure.


I have prided myself with being customer orientated, during my 25 years of being in business I have only sold products I use/would use myself, this way its easy to be excited and passionate about what you do, I am never more happy than when a customer has success and gets the same enjoyment that I do from the product. OzEbikes is a small business for me, and I want to keep it small and personal so that it remains an enjoyable pastime!


My custom 2000w beast, running our new 2000w motor with the new 40A controller and a pair of 16Ah 22.2v LiPO battery packs in series for 50v fully charged, top speed 60kmh on the flat! Speed is not really what I am after though, the gearing on this bike has been optimized for climbing torque, this bike will climb gravel roads in the national parks that are near impossible to walk up! The gear ratio that comes with our standard kits is good for around 65kmh on 50v, 65kmh is already deep in the danger zone for a bike!

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