One of our customers 500w conversions, nice and neat! Here is what Ed says:

Hi Mark,

How are you going? Here are some photos I took of my bike yesterday while I was out riding. I've already done about 300km these past couple of weeks and its going very well. The batteries are good and I get roughly about 30-50km on a full charge depending on how I ride it. My brother is thinking about getting a kit but hasn't made up his mind about it yet, but will let you know as soon as he wants one. Our area is very hilly so the motor helps a lot with getting around cheaply and easily around here! Anyway, thanks for everything I needed to build my e-bike and take care.



Customer setup running the new 1500W 50 volt system with KELLY Controller! Here is what Scott says:

Hi Mark.

Firstly, awesome product!

I fitted the kit on Sunday morning to an aluminum dual suspension. It was an easy install which took about an hour. The only drama I had, because of the shape of the down tube of my frame, was stopping the motor from twisting under load & the chain jumping off. It was a simple fix; I packed out the space between the frame & bolts which secure the motor with a piece of 30x3mm aluminum strap. No more twist! I had the batteries on charge while I was installing the kit. Once they were charged, I did up the connections as per your instructions & it worked! With the kit installed, it was time for a test ride. After a few tentative laps around the front yard, where I noticed the motor had twisted (that fixed), I decided it was time to give it a squirt. (Now, when I first spoke to you, I must admit that I was a little skeptical about the performance of this kit, particularly how it would climb hills.) Struth! Small chain ring on the front, 1st, 2nd or 3rd cog on the rear, hit the throttle & the front wheel is in the air! Work it thru the gears (pedaling only when changing gears) & it was flying. The hills around my place, on my road bike I need to get out of the saddle to climb them. The mountain bike with the 1500w kit ate them even without pedaling. So far I’ve only used the large chain ring once & it was fast. I hooned around (with no pedaling) most of the afternoon on & off, making some adjustment & the batteries lasted really well. So, the wrap up? I’m really impressed. Service was great, the kit was really easy to fit & it goes like the clappers! I’ll keep in touch & send thru some pics. Thanks again for your help.




This is our TEAM 5.0 conversion with the full 1500w system, a wild little bike with huge performance, it’s very lightweight for a full Mountain Bike and acceleration through the gears is impressive!


Dave’s 500w Folding Mountain Bike with 500w kit, really neat conversion and still folds up perfectly!

The service from OZ-Ebikes is above and beyond, and the 500watt kit is excellent for my needs. Being new to E-Bikes i had lots of questions about motors and adapting it to my specifications. I had a unique situation where i was trying to adapt the kit to a folding mountain bike. At no point was i ever left in the dark. All my questions were answered fast and i was up and going in no time.

 I use my bike to commute to work (which depending on the route can be anywhere from 5.2Km to 7km one way). The shorter the route, the bigger the hills, with all routes having a very long hill (and in places very steep) at the end. One battery gets me to work and back. It is charged only once a day, in the morning before my trip. A round trip is about 10km - 14km, and i use the motor going up hills, and it only just gets down to half the battery remaining near the top of the last hill on the way home. What's more, I can go up the hills in high gear. The motor seems to have no issue with this at all. im one very satisfied customer who will be returning should i need any new gear or wish to upgrade in the future.




A 500W build, this one using an MBK R-Force Mountain bike, clean and neat, customer loves this bike!


A custom build on a HARO heavy duty frame with 6 spoke magnesium wheels, a quick and nimble 1600w setup!


Our 200w Folding Minimax bike, we have done these in 200w and 500w, they are superb little bikes with great performance and can be fully folded up for transport. Run time on our 12Ah and 16Ah batteries is huge. We build custom cranks for folders with single front sprocket spaced out to suit the rear alignment.

Dennis’s FatBike! Our latest 2015 conversion with our new 1800W motor, this bike is running custom built cranks with single drive sprocket to the rear, we machine custom spacers for the cranks and the bottom bracket is a custom 120mm one with 190mm axle. Dennis loves it!

A trike! Yes we can convert almost anything! This is a customers tricycle with a custom conversion including custom cranks that run double 44T chain wheels with altered spacing, works really well and has given the bloke mobility with strong load carrying capacity.

Our latest build, the Apache 2Kw fat bike! Custom gearing running 13/48 motor drive and 44/11 rear drive, optimized for offroading, sand, snow etc, such a cool bike it turns lots of heads down at the beach!

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