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Oz-Ebikes BALANCER. We now have in stock a cell balancer that is used to balance the cells in your large LiPO battery packs. This is a must for good maintenance, sometimes it can take 2 days to balance a large 12-20Ah pack properly, as you can be burning off anything from 2-10 amps if you have let your cells get badly out of balance. Out of balance cells are at high risk of death, the low cell/s will die if you discharge the pack too far, the good cells will artificially hold the voltage above cutoff, causing the low cells to overdischarge and fail.

I recommend anyone using large capacity lipos to have a balancer, it’s a small price to pay for added safety and battery life. Your balance lead simply plugs into the side of the balancer, you then set the low voltage point for balancing, and hit start, we recommend you keep the balancer upright with the bottom facing a small fan or out in the breeze where it can cool down, balancing batteries causes a large heat buildup in the balancer as it has to burn the power off using resistor banks.

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